Finishing waxes

FYL WAX 115: Water emulsion of natural and synthetic waxes specially designed to give a burnish effect to the leather also with a waxy and warm touch.

FYL WAX 12: Amphoteric compound of vegetal oils and soft waxes being its main characteristics; fullness and covering power without sacrificing natural fell of the leather, and gentle and warm touch. Also used to uniform absorption between different zones of the leather.

FYL WAX 752: Water emulsion of waxes to produce pull up effects. Darkening obtained wit Fyl wax 752 is very uniform, even if there is uneven thickness in different zones of the leather.

FYL WAX 707: Carnauva wax in water emulsion of high concentration. Medium softness and very stable. Increases reactivity of wax mixtures. In combination with wax 707 and wax 312 a very good compound of waxes for covering leather defects is obtained.

FYL WAX PL: Water emulsion of synthetic waxes and esters giving a very natural and good burnish effect even in synthetic leathers or textile and synthetic leather.

FYL WAX PN 37: Wax, oil and auxiliary based compound for cover and fullness without sacrificing the natural aspect of the leather either in full grain leathers as in buffed leathers.

FYL WAX 2080 : Mixtures of waxes, fattening agents and vegetal oils that gives to the leather very good fullness, covering of defects, gloss and natural aspect. Used for leathers that require a light pull up effect, burnish and natural effect. Also applied on the finishing of the shoe as final wax.

Casein finishing products

Fyl Top A: Protein based binder that forms a hard, glossy, transparent non plastic film. Recommended to increase covering power, diminishing stickiness of certain compounds and to increase printing retention. Also increases solvent friction resistance.

Fyl Top CPL: Fyl top CPL is a casein binder that forms a medium soft film with very high light and heat fastness. Recommended to add n the top coat to increase gloss without plasticizing the leather.

Fyl Top LU: Fyl top LU is a mixture of protein binders, waxes and polyurethanes that creates a very fine, bright and soft film with a very natural and warm touch.

Fyl Top PTS 12: Polyamide based binder that creates a soft, transparent and semi-glossy film very resistant to light and with a very warm and pleasant waxy hand.

adhesive polyurethane

Isoflex 5001: Aromatic polyurethane of a very small particle with high resistance to light and heat. Mainly used for improving adherence between layers of finishing coats.

Isoflex 5002: Water dispersion of ultra-small aliphatic polyurethane that forms no film and increases dramatically adhesion between layers of coatings, either waxes, caseins, resins or auxiliaries like oily layers of finishing coats. Also used to improve elasticity of hard film resins or polyurethanes.

Isoflex 5005: Water dispersion of amphoteric polyurethanes. Universal binder used in cationic or anionic leather finishing.

Isoflex 5011: Water emulsion of aliphatic polyurethanes that improves the floxometry.


Isoflex 537: Polyurethane resin in aqueous dispersion that forms a semi-hard thin film for water-based patent leather, bringing an uniform brightness to the leather.

Hidrograde m 5620 D: Water dispersion of aliphatic polyurethane specially developed for top coating with high resistance to water, heat and light. Forms a dull medium hard film that can be reticulated.

HIdrograde L 40: Mix of special polyurethanes and auxiliaries specially developed for top coating to produces natural but glossy film. Specially developed for car upholstery, but can be used in any type of leather due to its broad range of physical characteristics like heat fastness, light fastness, crocking resistance, taber abrasion resistance.


Reflex 2300: Polyurethane and resin based compound of very high softness and elasticity specially designed for high covering but natural finishes. It is used mainly in buffed and dry milled leathers. It has high printing retention.

Reflex 932 HP: Special compound designed for brush off, college or industrial leather. Leathers finished with Reflex 932 HP reach impressive flexometry lectures as high as 500,000 flexions either on dry test or wet test.

Reflex EX: Fine particle acrylic copolymer for nappa and soft leathers for garment.

Reflex SF: Dispersión de un co-polímero acrílico ideal para impregnaciones de pieles flor corregida, donde se requiere obtener artículos suaves con buena firmeza, mejorando notablemente la soltura de las pieles.

Additivo Nobuck: Emulsión acuosa de partículas de poliuretano ultra finas. Especialmente diseñado para nobucks y hunting en donde se busca cubrir defectos, intensificar tonos o mejorar tacto sin sacrificar el peinado y sin apelmazar. Aplicado sobre nobucks o carnazas hidrófugas mejora los valores meizer.


Additivo oil 15: Mix of synthetic and natural oils that gives to the leather a permanent waxy and silky touch with a light pull up effect without showing the leather defects.

Additivo oil 82: Mix of oils easily emulsifiable in water. Developed for producing pull up articles without high lightning the leather defects. Is recommended a 12 hour stand by after applying the oil.

Additivo W920: Special silicon water emulsion developed for car upholstery industry. Critically increases TABER and abrasion resistances. Excellent light fastness, silky and warm final touch.

Additivo Oil: Water emulsion of fatty acids. Product specially designed to improve heat fastness, stickiness and feel/touch of bottom compounds, mixtures of top coats, wax compounds and oil mixtures for pull up articles.

Additivo GUM E: Water emulsion of special polyurethanes with a rubbery and braking touch. Designed from a new generation of car upholstery and garment touches and silicones. A. GUM E is auto-cross linkable and does not need plating for activation.

Additivo LIV 15: Mixture of 100% biodegradable surfactants. Penetrating auxiliary for finishing coats. Ideal for breaking superficial leather tension of the upper layers of the leather. Recommended for every type of leather finishing: Impregnations, waxes, polyurethanes and oils.