chemical advaisory FOR the leather, TEXTILE AND SYNTHETIC Industry


Innovation-based on trajectory. A Specialized work team with high-tech and specialized technical knowledge. Chimes technicians are trained in Italy to bring you Italian chemical knowledge and working processes to produce innovative leather, textile and synthetic products for shoe upper, garment, leathergoods and automotive industries.

We represent solutions based on chemical innovation. We provide top quality products. A professional team that guarantees the best technical advisory on tanning and re-tanning of leather and finishing of leather, textile and synthetic.

We are people committed with the environment and the society. Conscious that every action we undertake leaves a paw print in our environment so look every day to reduce it by offering sustainable products.

Haigh technology laboratories for vegetable, sintetic and automotive tanning, retanning and finishing,

wet end lab; stainless steni and italporeggeti drums, physical and chemical testing appliances FINISHING lab: MOSTARDINI cabins, rollercoater, italproggeti dry drum, physical testing appliances for the finishing.