Stablished in 1995 starting as representative and marketer for a well-known Spanish company being a team of 3 people and selling 20 different products among fat liquors, re-tanning agents and dyestuff.

In 1998, Chimes Mexicana starts as a representative of Chimes Italy and also concocting its own re-tanning brands, offering more than 50 different products and a solid and structured work team in specialized technical advisory for the leather industry.

In 2004, Chimes Italy merges with NeoChimia stablishing LETEX S.P.A, and the Chimes Mexicana inherits the brand “CHIMES”. In 2005 a new partnership is born with Eurocolor, to market dyes for leather, now offering a whole new array of products.

Today, Chimes Mexicana and its partners: LETEX and EUROCOLOR are well-known companies, leaders in chemical industry for leather and textile in Mexico and South America.


We are a group of 30 people, always seeking for innovation, efficiency and fully committed with the environment and of course, our clients.

Chimes Mexicana is an horizontal organization, and every opinion, idea and point of view is part of the constant improvement in every process, in order to provide a flexible service to all of our clients.

We have a full commitment with society and environment, as our CSR policy states to minimize the environmental impact of our daily activities.


Our aim is to provide high quality products and services that minimize the environmental impact and respect human rights. This mentality is felt throughout our whole organization. It manifests itself in all our daily businesses and operations. We believe that through our commitment to the guiding principles of the UN Global Compact, we can make a difference.

We are fully committed to produce and provide high quality products that minimize the environmental impact to the maximum and in manufacturing we enforce to respect human rights and needs. We are fully committed to develop and improve our stakeholder’s life quality and improve our society´s context and environment.

In our daily basis we are committed with the new generations to induce and sensitize them a high respect and care for the environment and its preservation.


Mexican Sourcing Quality by ANPIC: SPECIALIZED LEVEL

Quality certification program created specifically for business directly related with leather and chemical processing, based on the ISO 2015 MANUAL.

QUALITY: ISO 9001:2008

Certification to ensure the satisfaction of every stakeholder with a special focus on customer service and continuous improvement at every level.

ENVIORMENT: ISO 14001:2004

Environmental certification to ensure a working plan focused on environmental managing of the business resources.


- 350 square meter laboratory

- Re-tanning laboratory:

  • 3 INOX drumming stations.
  • 3 small wooden drums.
  • 2 large wooden drums.
  • 1 polypropylene drum.
  • Fully equipped laboratory testing equipment: PH, moisture, electrolyte resistance, chromatography, emulsion testing, active matter quantity.
  • Color testing: 6 mini drums for color testing.

- Finishing laboratory:

  • 2 spray gun application cabins.
  • Drying tunnel.
  • Mostardini ironing press.
  • Grassman light cabin
  • Flexibility and tear testing equipment.
  • Crocking testing equipment.
  • Burnish testing machine
  • Rollmac machine.
  • Drying toggling machine.

We care for adequate product storing in order to preserve materials in optimal conditions.
In a 2000 square meter warehouse provided with racks and 100 ton.
capacity of material storing.

wet end and re-tanning production PLANT

- 2 ton. INOX mixer.
- 1 ton. INOX mixer.
- 500 Kg INOX mixer.
- 100 Kg INOX mixer.
- Water purification and softening plant.
- Sterilization and container washing room.
- Sealing and sewing production line.


- 200 Kg INOX mixer.
- 3 precision scales.
- Equalizing stations.